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Kori is an energetic and motivated attorney that works tirelessly for his clients. After years of practicing litigation, he has switched to a business and corporate role but still relies on his past experiences to provide clients with a multitude of perspectives.  He also leans on his business background to provide an all-encompassing approach when serving a wide variety of clients. In this same light, Kori enjoys working with businesses from all industries and is someone who is endlessly curious about new businesses and their approaches to maximizing success. 


He is also passionate about creating close relationships with clients and does everything he can to ensure that they are satisfied with not just the final work product, but also the entire experience with the firm. 


Kori’s educational background is filled with a wide array of disciplines that have helped him grow into his current role. He is currently licensed to practice law in the State of Texas and is a member of the American Bar Association and the Austin Bar Association.


Outside of work Kori enjoys playing basketball, soccer, and tennis. He is also a huge fan of Houston sports teams, the Longhorns, and Arsenal.